Friday, May 05, 2006

RSI second update.

Although my RSI is much better now it is still not exactly right and so today went along to my first appointment with my physiotherapist. I was highly impressed (to be honest I thought I would be told to go away and stop wasting her time, there's people far worse off than me) but apparently my right shoulder blade is 'winging' a bit and I have now been given exercises to pull it back into position. I have to lie on the floor and pull my shoulder blade down using just 30% muscle capacity and hold for 10 seconds - and aim to repeat this 100 times a day. I should also try to make sure that my shoulders are down and not tensed up in my desultory attempts to lift weights in the gym. I have also been recommended to go back to pilates.

Just worked out how often I need to do this exercise assuming a 12 hour day - approximately once every 7.2 mins. But I am allowed to do repeats, so that's approximately once every 15 mins...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, after I extolled the virtues of physiotherapy... Initially I had 80 reps of my initial exercise. Boring, yes. But perfectly feasible when watching a one hour length programme on the TV. So I grabbed the right cushion, lay on the sofa and started the count. If the programme became interesting (unlikely but not unheard of) I lost count. On times I think I did 100 reps, other times 60 at best, but the muscle did build up enough. My motto is "physio exercises anywhere and anytime, if at all possible". So keep at it Clare, you know you're worth it!
Best, crimeficreader

Sat May 06, 11:34:00 pm  

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