Thursday, May 04, 2006


A few months ago Gregory Norminton, author of the excellent GHOST PORTRAIT, was kind enough to give me a highly entertaining interview. Last summer Gregory was one of a seven-member international team of enthusiastic amateur environmentalists filmed for a series called PLANET ACTION. This is an 'eco-reality series' which looks at the crises endangering the world's wildlife and is due to be screened on the Discovery Channel starting next Tuesday.

Unfortunately, since the Hodmandods do not have SKY I will be unable to see it, but if anyone reading this does see it I would love to hear from you - and so would Gregory - as he is hoping to open a dialogue with people on his INFINITE SPACE blog. This sounds a great idea to me which I shall certainly be joining as much as I can. He has started the discussion with an interesting description of how he came to be part of the team.

It sounds like it was a wonderful and worthwhile adventure and features activities like saving endangered Leatherback Turtles in Panama and planting trees in the heart of Borneo.

It is supported by the World Wildlife Fund and they have a rather good website providing the background to the programme including an interview with Gregory (click on Gregory's photo to hear and see it) which I found inspiring. He talks about waking up at four in the morning in a tent in the tropical jungle and just listening...


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