Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Corpsing out.

Hodmandod Major woke at 2.30am recently feeling thirsty, so blearily he opened the door of his bedroom in the flat he shares with three others and encountered these...

Apparently they didn't move even when nudged, and so Hodmandod Major was able to get a shot of the upper end of the body too which I am not posting to save the blushes of its owner. Next to the torso nestled an empty bottle of Jack Daniels and I can only assume that was the cause of the 'ailment'.

I just have to say that I don't remember anything like this happening in St Aidan's College for Young Gentlewomen in Durham which was where I took my degree. Everything was terribly refined. We had sherry before dinner, said grace in Latin, wore gowns three times a week and had to ask the permission of high table in order to leave dinner early. There were balls in the summer, parties most weekends, and formal dinners at least once a term when we could invite young gentlemen from a neighbouring establishment. Looking back now it seems terribly privileged. I don't remember anyone being so drunk that they toppled like a tree, and I don't remember knowing anyone on drugs either. This seems quite strange because I am sure it must have been happening around me - I can only assume I was too naive to notice.


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