Saturday, December 03, 2005

Writerly Promiscuity

According to this BBC website article Creative people are 'luckier in love'. Apparently artists and poets tend to be more promiscuous and attractive.

But probably not any happier, I think. Judging from my friends who have affairs, all those illicit liaisons and deceits seem very energy sapping and I often think that without the faithful mate there would be no creativity for me at all.

However I did find the article a little worrying. Since I lack the Bohemian lifestyle and aptitude does this mean that deep down I am not truly a creative person? All this writing and drawing and painting that I do is just some sort of sad facade and I am not really a true-blood artiste because I am very happy to stay at my desk day in, day out not chasing every pair of trousers that comes my way? The end of the article gave me some reassurance. Some writers, apparently, are driven. They lead the life of hermits. They are solitary beings...all their energy goes into their books. I think Hodmandod Senior would agree with that one - 'obsessed' is a word he used just this morning. And yes, the rest of the sentence did have the words 'you' and 'books' in close proximity.


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