Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005: last blog

Well my mother has now entered cyberspace and has read my blog, so from now on I am going to have to be even more circumspect than I am already and no longer talk about all those night-long visits to Chester's 'houses of pleasure' and publishers' narcotics parties as I did in the past. They have been relocated now but am willing to give any reader the new secret URL address - just contact me using the usual codeword...

Anyway, only about two hours left of old dismal loathesome 2005 which I am very pleased to wish good riddance and hope that 2006 will be better and a good one for anyone that reads this - even those poor reviewers in the English broadsheets who had the misfortune to be assigned my book in paperback and found the experience so very unpleasant (my condolences, you should have read the American version - that turned out to be so much more compelling).

However I am determined to finish the year on a bright note and would just like to mention that someone in England has liked my book and given it a good review . Thank you Stoop. I can't tell you how much.


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