Monday, November 21, 2005

The Search for Happiness

I have decided to search for happiness. I am going to use this blog to list all the things that make me happy each day, and by concentrating on those things lift my spirits.

Today I went to aerobics. Although I am not in the least bit sporty or athletic - here is the woman who had to pace herself in order to run 100 metres at school, and was always the last, or last-but-one to be picked for teams (I didn't mind - I knew I was useless) - I decided to take myself in hand about eight years ago and acquaint myself with the mysterious building in the centre of town known as the 'Northgate Arena' - the council-run sports centre.

Eventually I came across a class called 'Hi-Energy'. This turned out to be Ali Hollindale's aerobics class. The first time I did it I could hardly get though her warm-up routine, but after a while I came to love it. A couple of years later she started something called spinnin' too - a room full of exercise bikes which I fondly regard as the torture chamber because Ali's routine on that is equally if not more energetic.

Anyway, back to happiness...The thing that made me happy today was the 'digging' session at the end. To the uninitiated this is a kind of fast lurch to the side across the room. When I do this it generally makes me feel glad to be alive and I don't really know why. And today one of the men 'accidentally' crashed into Ali and had to be helped up and this made me laugh.


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