Monday, October 24, 2005

Heaton Chapel Lit and Phil

It was a dark and windy night - a wet one too - but through the dirty diamond windows a faint glimmer showed...

Rows and rows of chairs - surely they won't need all those...

But this is the Heaton Chapel Lit and Phil - second oldest Lit and Phil in the country and they have standards to uphold...

And they kept coming and a coming..

Until there were many...

Jolly good audience, very appreciative, and lovely lot of people. They'd never heard of Alfred Wegener but they have now.

The evening, however was not without incident. The projector seemed to be dead at first and four of us stared at it until it got embarrassed and started to work, spontaneously...and on the way back I decided to go round the traffic roundabout using the unique Hodmandod anticlockwise system. As experiments go it was unsuccessful and I only just escaped with my life.


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