Monday, September 26, 2005

My Busy Little Life

For the next few weeks I am going 'ON THE ROAD', yes just like a rock star, except the only illicit substance inhaled will be from the Upton Heath Post Office photocopier, there will a distinct lack of groupies, and I shall be going by 'Saver Return' most of the time so maybe I should more accurately describe myself as going 'ON THE RAILS' (or maybe balancing on them, precariously). However I shall be away from my desk and seeing places I have not seen before, which is all that counts, and I am looking forward to it... but fear not, beloved blog-reader (I am very much hoping there is one, though there is little evidence at the moment) I shall be keeping up with the blogs...

Anyway, the sell-out performances (both mine - unless no one comes which is quite possible - and those of other people's I am set on attending) are as follows:

Wednesday 28th September Society of Authors AGM London;
Friday/Saturday 30th September/1st October Society of Authors North, Newcastle;
Wednesday 5th October Bishop Auckland Town Hall - talk on Wegener's Jigsaw;
Thursday 6th October Chester Poets;
Saturday 8th October WordFest Basingstoke - talk on madness;
Tuesday 11th Octber Cheltenham LitFest - writing dialogue;
Wednesday 12th October Salley Vickers at Hawarden;
Thursday 13th October Fleur Adcock and Wendy Cope in Chester LitFest;
Tuesday 18th October Jake Arnott at Chester Litfest;
Wednesday 19th October Literature and Science talk, Chester Litfest;
Thursday 20th October Introduce and read at Chester Writers Evening;
Monday 24th October Heaton Chapel talk on Wegener;
Tuesday 25th October Madness talk at Chester Litfest;

Then, like all good rock stars I expect there will be the inevitable breakdown resulting in a week of therapy (alas not at the Priory but chez Dudman - a couple of scented candles and matching bath oil) before heading down to Shropshire to give a talk to an Age Concern Reading group there.

There are further details of these events on my website.


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